Solana-based augmented reality and NFT platform Dropp GG is developing geographical-based NFT minting and “mixed reality events” tied to the Metaverse.

The firm was founded in early 2021 and is progressively rolling out several initiatives over this year including partnered NFT drops, geo-minting events, virtual land plots with AR support, and a metaverse platform that maps to the physical world.

Dropp recently closed an $8 million funding round that was backed by top crypto and NFT firms such as Animoca Brands, Alameda Research DeFiance Capital and Three Arrows Capital. The funding will go towards IP accumulation, partnerships and metaverse/AR tech development.

One of Dropp’s major initiatives will be the launch of geographical-based NFT minting (geo-minting), slated for beta testing later this quarter. The term refers to specific NFT collections that are only able to be minted by users who are at the predetermined physical location of the drop.

The firm touts the NFTs as a new way for partnered artists, celebrities and influencers to drop exclusive collectibles for their audiences, while the scarcity of the unique geo-specific NFTs is intended to add value on the collectors’ end.

Dropp is tight-lipped on the other partnerships it has secured so far but told Cointelegraph that the company will be announcing collaborations…

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