New Year’s Eve is a time not only to reflect on the previous year but also to celebrate the arrival of a new one, full of hopes, promises, goals and challenges. What makes the blockchain community so bright, diligent, insightful and creative? The people who are behind all of the innovations that aim to make our world a better place.

We’ve already witnessed the rise of the adoption of decentralized finance, the skyrocketing of nonfungible tokens, the emergence of the creator economy, the first — but rapid — steps into the Metaverse, and much more. And there are so many new, exciting discoveries that lie ahead of us!

Whatever the new year brings, I know that we will achieve all of our goals with you, the young, ambitious blockchain community. It’s a time to share in the hopeful New Year’s wishes that crypto industry insiders made for you and your inspiration. Keep building, and never stop dreaming. The world is becoming better, and you are a significant part of those changes! Happy New Year to us all!

“I would encourage young, ambitious newcomers to the space to absorb themselves intellectually with the many possibilities that the technology affords, rather than paying too much attention to the speculative nature of projects.”

Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Bitfinex





“I wish all the developers of new protocols to be more focused on building and inventing new tech, rather than on APY racing.”

Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch Network





“Bitcoin, to me, means trust and freedom. I hope that the ambitious community embraces those two…

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