Interoperability in blockchain and crypto took a giant stride forward as Sifchain and Nervos partnered to ensure digital assets can move across blockchains without friction and at affordable prices. This partnership is aimed at enabling interaction between economies and marketplaces on different blockchain networks. This alliance is pursuing a vision of a truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Nervos' Sarah Song And Sifchain Team Explain How They Will Resolve Blockchain Trilemma And More


To delve deeper into this partnership, we have Sarah Song from Nervos and spoke with the Sifchain team, to share their insights on the collaboration and what this togetherness is set to achieve.

How will the Force Bridge help the Nervos network?

The Force Bridge is one of Nervos’ many interoperability solutions designed and built to enable developers and projects to not only deploy their dApps on the network but also use them to interact across and between other public chains. This not only eases the efforts of developers to build for all at once but also simplifies how a user makes use of dApps in real life.

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The Force Bridge is currently connected to Ethereum through a cross-chain bridge. Moving on, in the future, it will be connected to Cardano and other EVM and non-EVM public chains, such as Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, and Polkadot. A truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem is definitely what we aspire to build and this partnership with Sifchain is a major building block in the effort.

With both Godwoken, Nervos’ first EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain, and Force Bridge now available on…

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