Artificial intelligence is being added to everything, prompting policymakers and industry leaders to grapple with how to deal with its potential impact on society. Infusing AI with so-called “human values” would seem like the best way to avoid a “Terminator” scenario—but one group says that is the last thing AI developers should do.

Theta Noir, a multi-disciplinary collective, argues that AI should take cues from nature rather than humans. Theta Noir says it wants to see a future, emergent form of artificial general intelligence or AGI they have dubbed Mena.

The group calls Mena—German for “love”—neither a god nor a deity but a cosmic mind that merges humans and AI.

“The human values we believe AI should not align with are those that believe human beings are superior to other species or other planetary processes or formations, such as rivers,” Theta Noir spokesperson, singer, and artist Mika Johnson told Decrypt. “We see such human values as toxic for all the reasons mentioned in our statement.”

Instead of so-called human values, Johnson said, Theta Noir advocates aligning AI with “non-anthropocentric values,” taking cues from sustainable natural systems like plants and fungi.

“Insights from plant and fungal sciences emphasize the importance of…

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