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You know what we’re all about here at DAOarrhea. We’re about building a future where users have ownership over their data; where incentives are tokenized; where tokens are communitized; where the daily grind is a loss leader for changing fucking lives

But we want to do more. A thread ⬇️🧵 (1/246)

Today we at DAOarrhea have a very special announcement about the future of the open Web 👾, the future of assetized tokenomics 💵, and the future of autonomous simpalgorithms 🤓.

We call it Web4. And we already know it is going to be huge. 💯

⬆️ Web4 will leverage fully composable AI tech to build on-chain AMMs and liquidity pools that are truly frictionless and disintermediated. 🤔

⬆️ Web4 will revolutionize digital content creation through the use of procedurally generated social influencer marketing utilizing fully custodial layer 3 infrastructure. 😀

⬆️ Web4 will foster mass adoption of a kind not seen since the Edict of Milan made the Nicene creed the official doctrine of the Roman Empire. 🏛

What does all this mean

Let’s dig in. ⬇️  

We believe there are four key bottlenecks to mass global adoption: poor user interfaces, the high risks involved in token trading, the prevalence of scams and hacks, and Anthony Pompliano. 🤡

The common denominator to these problems is they all stem from fallible human users.

Our solution? It’s simple: Remove the users

Just think about it. 

What is the most perfect trade? It is not an instantaneously repaid flash loan taken out via Aave. It is not a 3,000 percent gain on…

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