Metaverse offices appear to be the future of businesses. However, experts say that these virtual offices might look a lot like video games. These offices might mean a lot more than Slack and Zoom and some offices are already building their workplaces in the metaverse literally. They are logging into digital headquarters with the help of virtual world developers like Teamflow, Gather, and Virbela.

The pandemic has shown that hybrid work is the future. Although it may seem quite complicated currently, several firms think that the solution is the metaverse offices. A majority of the workers do not want to be in-person full-time, irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic and firms’ will-they-won’t-they office plans.

Some of the major firms like Microsoft and Facebook want to enhance remote and hybrid work by creating continuous, digital spaces, one can log into some type of avatar. That is the new description of the metaverse offices.

For now, it might be quite hard to think about the possibility of a huge crowd of employees congregating in a virtual room and meeting up with the digital forms of their colleagues throughout the day. But, a growing number of people are already doing that. Builders like Gather, Teamflow, and Virbela are helping companies to create metaverse offices.

Who Is Building Metaverse Offices?

Everyone from Big Tech to the new startups seems to be aiming for a piece of the metaverse pie. Microsoft said that it will integrate VR/AR platform Mesh with Teams and suggested futuristic “immersive spaces” within the messaging app. On the other hand, Meta…

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