By Muneeb Imtiaz, Senior Product Manager

At Coinbase, we’re reimagining the crypto spending and earning experience by building products that are safe, trusted, and easy-to-use. That’s why we’re enhancing Coinbase Card to give customers more flexibility than ever. Through Coinbase Card’s upcoming rotating rewards structure, customers will be able to earn a wider variety of crypto rewards to diversify their crypto portfolio. We’re also removing the transaction fee for all crypto spending and allowing customers to get paid into Coinbase with no fees on deposits so they can easily fund their card in any currency³. With millions of transactions to date, we plan to remove the waitlist later this spring to allow all US* customers to sign up for Coinbase Card.

Rotating rewards

Customers love earning crypto rewards, and tell us that Coinbase Card encourages them to explore and learn more about different cryptocurrencies. Soon, customers will have the opportunity to easily earn new assets from a rotating list of crypto rewards just by swiping their card. With the rotating rewards structure, customers will continue to earn up to 4% back on every purchase with up-and-coming crypto assets like The Graph (GRT) or popular assets such as Bitcoin (BTC)⁴. Rewards will have an expiration date. If a customer doesn’t select a reward when the next rotation is launched, we’ll automatically give them the reward with the highest crypto-back rate so they can diversify their earnings.

No more fees

Customers love the ability to conveniently spend crypto. While most customers spend…

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