Mech Master, a strategic turn-based RPG game which has been making headlines in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) industry recently joined  a talk show on Binance Live. The talk show presented various aspects of the nascent P2E market and some of the key developments ahead for the metaverse integration. The Head of Marketing of Mech Master, Ron Nguyen, attended the talk show and gave us an overview of the Mech Master Project as it is all set to launch its NFT ticket sale on Binance native NFT platform.

Firstly, Ron summed up about the origin of Mech Master and the team information as well. Mech Master is a game from Mirai Studio and is the result of immense contributions from 50+ people. They are a team of experts and highly skilled individuals across the country, based in Vietnam, but also come from many international game companies who had experience working in Japan, Europe and big companies established in Vietnam as well.

Then, he said: “Mech Master is a turn-based strategy RPG game and this will be the first game of Mech Master Metaverse. Mech Master Metaverse is a fully immersive 3D Metaverse on the Moon, consisting of many different game projects, where each project is a virtual city, inter-connected into a gigantic gaming ecosystem”. There are 4 main attractions for Mech Master MetaVerse:

  1. Online Virtual Gaming Expo
  2. Virtual trading market
  3. Mech meta platform
  4. Virtual arena, where we can host world championships

Based on that, Mech Master confirms it is a platform where every game maker can make games on this…

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