Singapore- What do you get when you combine Super Mario Brothers, Elon Musk’s puppy Floki, and cryptocurrency?  You get Mario Floki silly!  Remember the excitement while playing through the 8-bit side scroller as you collected coins, gobbled power-ups, and pounced on enemies to rack up the points?  I can hear the victory music playing as I slide down the pole at the end of each stage. Guess what, you can still get that nostalgia from the original game but here’s the twist – you can earn crypto just by playing it!  Read on to learn how –  Let’s-a GO!!!

What Is Mario Floki Exactly?

The crypto and blockchain space is growing rapidly these days especially in the past year.  Bitcoin just hit an all-time high and is continuing to push upwards while NFTs just hit the mainstream market.  Metaverses are hot and it seems like every day new cryptocurrencies are being created.  Amongst the noise, are tons of token projects and meme coins that took the spotlight.

Mario Floki: Gaming Nostalgia While Earning Crypto 1

MARIO FLOKI: GAMING NOSTALGIA WHILE EARNING CRYPTO There is a fair share of Mario-inspired projects along with a plethora of dog-themed ones. Yes, Mario Floki is a token project but it isn’t just your typical meme coin.  Instead, Mario Floki is a token project that has a “Super Mario Brothers meets Floki Shiba Inu” theme.  Both are super cute and recognizable – so why not right?  It sounds good but what exactly makes up Mario Floki’s token project?

Imagine earning token rewards just by playing a Super Mario-themed mini-game, then using them to earn BUSD.  There’s also an NFT marketplace…

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