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Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), a flagship European blockchain conference hosted at Palais Brongniart in Paris, started Wednesday with an all-star cast. Fresh after announcing its French version, Cointelegraph has set up a team for the event to present the latest updates for the event in a real-time fashion. 

The first day of the event will see significant names in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem speak about the crucial topics for the ecosystem. The Cointelegraph ground team will present last-minute updates in one easy-to-read article with time codes.

Don’t forget to check this article regularly to get notified about the most recent announcements from the event.

11:15 — The last session before the lunch concludes. Finally Time for some walk-around videos!

11:10 Talking about the role of bridges in the current ecosystem and the security vulnerabilities that they have shown over the years, Meere says that currently, bridges are only facilitating messages from one blockchain to another, but in the future, they would facilitate the movement of assets across platforms.

Security has definitely been an issue in the recent past, but it would eventually evolve and developers would learn from the mistakes. The panel then discusses the role of sidechains that would eventually make the ecosystem quite scalable.

The common consensus among panelists is that the EVMs are definitely the starting stage focusing on…

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