Kraken is excited to announce our automated request-for-quote (AutoRFQ) tool, enabling over-the-counter (OTC) clients to instantly trade large orders ($100K+) for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

AutoRFQ empowers institutions and high-net-worth individuals to independently request and accept automated block trade quotes via the Kraken OTC desk. Execution and settlement are discreet and secure while offering competitive pricing.

The Kraken OTC desk offers deep liquidity and private, more personalized service to institutions and high-net-worth individuals, filling large orders that might be disruptive if placed on exchanges. With AutoRFQ, trading OTC is now just a few clicks away.

Log onto the new OTC Portal today to:

  • Request quotes and trade instantly via AutoRFQ
  • Generate a report of your entire OTC trade history

How to use AutoRFQ in four simple steps:
Navigate to the OTC Portal on and follow these four simple steps to request and accept a buy quote using AutoRFQ. Note that other than choosing “sell” instead of “buy,” the steps to request and accept a sell quote are the same.

Step 1: Request a quote in the RFQ tab by entering an amount and select “Get quote for buying.”

Step 2: Within seconds, the OTC desk provides a quote price for the transaction, which you can choose to accept or reject within the displayed time frame.

Step 3: If the quoted transaction is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent.

Step 4: The accepted quote will now appear under “Your quote history” on the right side your dashboard screen:

Supported assets

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