Crypto gains are not as good as they once were.

The much-anticipated journey towards a more mature crypto space has been accompanied by a noticeable slide in the previously exponential returns that excited both retail and institutional investors alike. In the current investment climate, the more established tokens are becoming less volatile and the returns from ‘hodling’ are simply not as great as they once were. Naturally, while there is a lot of natural variation in investors’ portfolios, the industry-wide trends mean that today’s crypto returns are no longer minting new millionaires en masse.

As some of the more prominent crypto analysts and enthusiasts have noted, the real returns are currently pooled in the so-called “Low-Cap Crypto Gems”, the next generation of projects, still in their early days of fundraising, still waiting for that big ‘pop’. That’s why, to satisfy the pent up demand from the modern-day ‘venture capitalists’, the team behind KICK.IO Launchpad and Project Accelerator is working hard to sort through the weeds and bring to the market those early-stage projects most likely to make a meaningful contribution to the future of DeFi.


Substantially Lower Seed-Stage Prices

Tailored to Cardano-based projects, KICK.IO is led by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals who are dedicated to “expanding the pie” and promoting mutual prosperity within the Cardano Ecosystem. That’s why, on the KICK.IO launchpad, you can find seed-stage prices that are substantially lower than anywhere…

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