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  • Invisible College will offer Web3 classes that require an NFT to access.
  • The DAO plans to mint NFTs next year.
  • The NFTs will take the form of “decentr-aliens” on the Solana blockchain.

The term Web3 is everywhere, but many people aren’t sure what it means or how to join it. That’s why a team of veteran educators has launched “Invisible College”—a new platform to teach people about the topic using core features of Web3 itself, including NFTs and a decentralized community known as a DAO.

The curriculum will be voted on by the DAO itself, but is likely to include lessons on topics like how to build a token-based play-to-earn economy, according to one of the “Invisible College” founders, Nick deWilde.

In an interview with Decrypt, deWilde said he has spent years running startup bootcamps and online education ventures, but decided that Web3 offers an opportunity for a radical new education paradigm. Web3, which is synonymous with the metaverse, is an emerging stack of online applications—from games to financial services to artistic communities—that don’t rely on a central authority such as Google or Amazon to maintain them.

The most intriguing part of Invisible College’s model is its use of NFTs as a form of tuition credit. In practice, this means students will need to purchase one of the college’s NFTs—which take the form of animated space creatures known as “Decentr-aliens”—in order to access courses.

One upside of this model is that students will be able to sell the NFT when they are done with the courses, making the tuition they pay an investment…

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