Interlay, a newly appointed Polkadot (DOT) parachain network, is nearing the completion of a two-year Bitcoin (BTC) bridge development project on Polkadot, with the launch announcement on its sandbox platform Kusama.

Additionally, Interlay has integrated a Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) digital asset, known as kBTC, on their Canary parachain Kintsugi. The asset is already available for trading on two other Polkadot parachains — Karura, governed by Acala, and Moonriver, governed by Moonbeam.

It is expected that Interlay will seek to deploy its technology across both Cosmos and Ethereum during the coming year to enhance interoperability between chains.

Alexei Zamyatin, the co-founder and CEO of Interlay, stated:

“There is 14 billion USD worth of Bitcoin ‘DeFi’ on Ethereum, controlled by a handful of centralized custodians, behind KYC, with no remedy for users or DApps if something goes wrong. Even big players like Maker, Compound and Aave implicitly trust a few tradiFi institutions.”

The initial development of this project was financially supported by an undisclosed-sum Web3 Foundation grant issued in March 2020.

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Following this, the interoperability project was the subject…

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