Despite having just broken into the Crypto market for 1 month, Infinite Launch has 5 up & coming blockchain-game, metaverse projects in the pipeline for their community of investors.

Bullieverse – A fantasy metaverse island for extraordinary gaming experiences

Bullieverse is building an open Metaverse world on Unreal Engine where our community can create, play games and earn rewards or NFTs in a fair and transparent way.  Play-Earn-Own-Experience is all Bullieverse wishes to bring to its users.

Within just 8 months, the project has successfully grown its team to 27 members and a community of 40,000 on Discord and Twitter. In August, Bullieverse sold its first NFT collection and successfully raised $2 million. Bullieverse’s first game, Bear Hunt, will launch at the end of this year and will be one of the first “play to earn” 3D games. The project possesses outstanding backers such as Sfermion, Good Games Guild, EXT Network, Krypital, 6thMan Ventures, Infinite Launchpad, LD Capital, ZBS Capital, Maven Capital, Lithium, IBA, and Shima capital.

Bullieverse was created on Web 3.0 by a platform that enables ownership of digital assets on the internet with NFT, allowing users to collaborate on a large scale with the DAO. Web 3.0 is how Metaverse 2.0 became open, controllable and truly empowered for all.

Battle of Guardians – The next-gen blockchain multiplayer game NFT

Battle of Guardians (BOG), as the pioneer of NFT fighting games, will come up with three game modes for players to take part in. The modes include Story (PvE), Arena (PvP) and Bout (PvP). Players…

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