New tools, including strategy packages, market scanning algorithms and other sell features, help automate an investor’s strategy.

The HitBTC exchange and a crypto portfolio management tool Cryptohopper have partnered up in developing a solution that uses bots to help investors overcome emotional trading. Cryptohopper leverages their Marketplace Signalers option to help users by following the lead of experienced traders. Currently, this solution uses insights from 55 professional traders, each of which is available for an investor to choose to copy. After making their selection, the bot can manage their portfolio automatically. As an alternative that allows users to stay in control, the platform also provides several strategy packages, complete with market scanning algorithms. As an added advantage, these strategies aren’t just taken verbatim and can be tested to the extent desired to determine whether they will perform efficiently in the market. This offering is a possibility through packages built by sellers and made for sale in the marketplace.

Cryptohopper is further providing users with the opportunity to receive buy and sell signals without any coding through a feature called “trading strategy.” By using popular indicators such as RSI, EMA, CCI, Hanged Man and candlestick patterns, to name a few, mathematical data is made available to an investor to help indicate when to buy or sell. This is combined with the tool’s ability to continuously scan the market in search of an overlooked opportunity.

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