Did you know you can earn Bitcoin by playing Minecraft? 

Satlantis, a Minecraft server, lets users earn Bitcoin while they play. Players can enter a virtual mining pool that pays out real satoshis (sats) to players every 10 minutes.

A satoshi is the smallest unit of measurement for Bitcoin, with each Bitcoin containing 100 million satoshis. According to Zebedee, which created the tech to power the third-party server, over 1 million satoshis (nearly $300) is given out every week.

How do you get involved? How does it work? And how much can you really earn? We spent numerous hours in-game to help you get started—both in text and via the video walkthrough below.

How do you earn Bitcoin in Minecraft?

Satlantis is a Minecraft server that is accessible via Minecraft: Java Edition on computers. The server IP is play.satlantis.net.

Anyone can hop onto Satlantis and play, but to earn Bitcoin, you must get a virtual ASIC miner—the type of miner needed to mine Bitcoin in real life, too—and then fuel it with emeralds. This will increase your hashrate (seen on the right side of the screen), which will then enter you into a raffle every 10 minutes to win a sliver of Bitcoin.

The lowest-tier ASIC miner adds 10 to your hashrate, but you can get an ASIC miner that produces up to 45 hashrate for you. 

Image: Decrypt

To calculate your chances of winning, divide your hashrate by the global hashrate shown on-screen, and then multiply by 100. During our short time playing, we managed to get a maximum of 30 hashrate with a global hashrate of 52,630. This means that we had a 0.057% chance of…

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