Trading is not the only way to explore the world of digital currencies — you can create content, make Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, etc. When your friend or relative shares their success with crypto trading, you also feel driven toward it. As a result, people start with a minor trade and then expand to earn more substantial profits.

Considering the volatility of crypto assets and the 24/7/365 live market, people need to watch the market movements constantly to avoid losing money. This may result in a disruption in sleep, fatigue and increased anxiety, and it propels a fear of failure among traders.

In this article, we will discuss how to avoid crypto addiction, and how crypto traders can control the stress and depression linked with cryptocurrency investments during the upcoming crypto winter.

What is crypto addiction and how to avoid it?

When you keep playing with crypto projects despite losing your sleep, appetite or even money, you are exhibiting the symptoms of crypto addiction. Also, you don’t realize that you need to stop due to an uncontrollable urge to constantly monitor market movements and stay up-to-date on cryptocurrency news to execute trades.

It is essential to note that cryptocurrency by itself is not addictive, but when our brain is involved, everything can change. As you can always view your portfolio holdings in real-time and access the intriguing content that is regularly provided on websites like YouTube and it may make you addicted.

You are addicted if you spend a lot of time researching or trading cryptocurrency or monitoring charts. Also,…

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