Solana has been taking market share out of Ethereum across several sectors. The platform has seen the expansion of its NFT based projects with SolChicks, one of its latest on-chain games with a play-to-earn (P2E) model, causing a lot of hype amongst the users.

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The game was built with SolChick, one of Solana’s NFT Collections, and let players take their assets and using as their main characters. Launched with a Player-to-Player (PvP), a Gameplay with raids characteristics, SolChicks has set out to “revolutionize the industry”.

The hype around this Solana project translated into a slowdown in the network’s activity as too many users tried to access the platform via Raydium and Solana, the blockchain backing the launch, and crashed it. The team behind the project posted the following via their Twitter account after its problematic token generation event (TGE):

We apologize for the inconvenience of this delay, but tens of thousands of people are trying to buy $CHICKS and the Raydium server has crashed. It appears SolScan is also not loading our contract address right now either.

The team behind the project tried to fix the issue while, according to the official post, working on deploying a liquidity pool that will support the game and its GameFi model. As revealed pre-launch, users need to claim their SolChicks.

The increasing demand for SolChicks and the platform’s native token CHICKS, caused Solana to congest. Thus, slowing down transactions in the network and the users’…

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