Time is passing by and now no one would ask you to explain what stands behind the NFT abbreviation. Not too many are hesitant: should I buy or not. But there is still uncertainty: how and where to store your NFTs.

Initially, the Internet was a field for the scientific community, then interest groups started to use it, then hobby/subcultures found the use of it – all this pushed technology forward, toward high-speed broadband internet connection.

Store NFTs
This NFT sold for 69 Million dollars recently

Seems like blockchain technology will lead to a similar fast development in technology: the community needs fast, interoperable blockchains and applications, able to process hundreds of transactions per second.

At the same time, we have an important difference: now the users want to take part in every aspect of the crypto industry – in financing, in project management etc. They don’t accept the situation when this or that application would serve the interests of a certain group of people like we have with Facebook/Meta. The example of this corporation quite explicitly demonstrates how the principles of centralized control are coming to a dead-end, distancing more and more from the interests of the users.

This is why in the blockchain/crypto industry the principles of decentralization and the power of community are the cornerstones, the religion of the community. In fact, they are considered to be the only – although hard – way towards the harmonization of the interests of all parties and the components of all projects, starting with basic blockchain technologies to all…

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