What is Metaverse?

Metaverse systems are expanding across several sectors. The virtual environment becomes more widespread in commercial contexts.

The word (Meta) in metaverse means transcendence.

Metaverse combines many parts of technology, including virtual reality. Virtual reality is where users “live” within a digital world.

People currently connect online through visiting websites such as social media platforms.

The metaverse’s concept is that it will build new online places in which people can interact. It may be more multi-dimensional. It allows users to immerse themselves in digital information rather than merely watching it.

Supporters of the metaverse see users doing many things like working and staying connected with friends.

They can even go everywhere from concerts to virtual trips around the world.

By using the platform to create an avatar, users may build up their real-world experience.

For example, Naver’s metaverse platform ‘ZEPETO‘ has over 200 million members. The famed metaverse game ‘Roblox’ value is at around 34 billion dollars on the first day of trading following the IPO.

How Cybersecurity is Set to Change in the Metaverse 1

Is Metaverse Safe?

The technologies that secure the metaverse are the clearest areas for cybersecurity. Metaverse is still a concept in active development. This means that many people are still researching it before it becomes mainstream.

But, early studies have shown that the metaverse is still not completely safe. Despite being a great invention, some of the metaverse risks we could face in the future are:

  1. Digital Consent

The Metaverse has no law or…

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