Chainalysis has five different types of products that help in monitoring crypto assets. These are Chainalysis Business Data, Chainalysis KYT, Chainalysis Kryptos, Chainalysis Market Intel and Chainalysis Reactor.

Chainalysis Business Data

Chainalysis Business Data gives crypto companies an extra layer of customer intelligence, allowing them to understand their customers before and after leaving their platforms, customize product offerings and enhance customer experience.

Furthermore, it allows companies to find the most avenues impacting the business and making data-driven decisions. Data is updated on a regular basis to ensure that relevant adjustments are made in response to the changing ecosystem. 

A simple data warehouse integration allows you to augment current information to gain deeper insights or execute queries to build custom Chainalysis reports.

Chainalysis cryptocurrency investigation software: Chainalysis Reactor

Chainalysis KYT

Chainalysis KYT, or Know Your Transaction, enterprises reduce manual operations, adhere to local and international norms and safely interact with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) merchant services and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) platforms.

For all crypto holdings, Chainalysis KYT undertakes continuous transaction monitoring which can be used to detect high-risk activity patterns. Moreover, deposits from hackers can be frozen while Ethereum accounts and all the addresses controlled by an entity can be screened for all criminal activities. 

In addition, you can set up real-time notifications based on your company’s AML rules to assist money laundering officers with crypto compliance.

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