Losing money to a Ponzi scam is not the ideal introduction to the crypto ecosystem. Thankfully, Mark Dave Manansala gave crypto and blockchain a second chance and discovered a new passion.

It all started when Manansala was invited by an acquaintance to join a very popular crypto project in 2017. The project’s team asked him to create a video of himself in exchange for free tokens. After this, he was advised to reinvest the gains. Baited by the high returns, Manansala ended up investing more money into the scheme only to discover that it was a scam.

“After studying and putting my money in for about three months, it became clearer that it was a scam. I did what a can to recover and pull out what I could, and I was able to save some of the investments before their token totally crashed.”

When asked about how the experience changed his perspective of crypto, Manansala noted that he didn’t perceive crypto as a negative thing despite being “totally pissed off by that particular platform.”

As life gave Manansala lemons, he made lemonades. “Because of the encounter, I became curious about crypto, Bitcoin and the tech behind it,” said Manansala. The Ponzi victim told Cointelegraph that he started educating himself, and after being confident about the life-changing opportunities within the industry, he wanted to share what he knew so that others would find crypto as well.

“After knowing quite a bit about it, I started a weekly meetup in GenSan. It was a somewhat simple, informal seminar or an ‘open talk’ in a cafe, inviting anyone who wanted to learn about crypto and…

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