Hot Potatoes (HPs), the NFT collection and gaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain, is scheduled for launch soon. The project will enable gaming and crypto fans to mint random Hot Potatoes with rare and crazy attributes. Users will access an NFT collection composed of up to 52,560 HPs, which grant access to the game’s virtual space dubbed the ‘PotatoVerse’.


Singapore, The Hot Potatoes metaverse is a closed-doors gaming world where only HPs holders can compete for the bi-yearly grand prize of the game in a true play-to-win elimination style tournament.

Hot Potatoes is Launching its Promising NFT Collection and Game on Ethereum 1

Each extravagant Hot Potato possesses rare pre-defined traits acquired by interacting with humanity. These attributes include elements that might resemble some of the most extravagant real world characters of our time.

There is also a category of exclusive HPs with ultra-rare features and names such as HPs that resemble some of the most iconic and historical characters for each country or community. Some examples include Hot Potato Trump, Hot Potato Napoleon, Hot Potato Gandhi. and Hot Potato Marylin Monroe. The attributes of each NFT determine its rarity and value.

Holders of the most unique NFTs better their chances of surviving and claiming huge prizes starting from 12 ETH per winner in each six-month-long game.

Pre-Register for the HPs Sale to Access the First NFTs

The game developers have opened the pre-registration phase for investors wishing to join the PotatoVerse and be the first to hold exclusive and valuable NFTs. Pre-registered users will have early access to the upcoming pre-sale event, which…

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