Hierocoin, a community-based digital token, is developing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure to aid hip-hop artists in their businesses. The project hopes to establish a decentralized environment through a crowdfunding exercise.

Oakland, CA,  Hierocoin aims to create a platform whereby artists and the hip-hop community can leverage blockchain technology to secure their hard-earned returns.


Why Heirocoin Is Banking on DAO

Hierocoin represents a digital token that targets to transform the music industry. It is an innovative platform built by Brooks Boyd. The project came to life in 2014 through Jonathan Owens as a beta version. It launched in December 2021 after years of research and tests.

Hierocoin’s DAO will enable users to design policies which favor the entire platform. The DAO system implements the set rules where no third-party will become involved.

The structure could also deal with power-related issues since there will be collective participation from the community.

What Heirocoin Represents

Hierocoin borrows its name from the legendary music group known as Hieroglyphics. The platform, however, guarantees that it doesn’t associate its milestones or failures with Hieroglyphics and Hieroglyphics LLC.

The project’s native asset is known as BAR and runs on the Binance Smart Chain. BAR’s primary use case aims at building a DAO system that supports market scarcity of the token.

Farming is the second use case that allows investors to stake coins and receive rewards in return. Besides, individuals can use BAR in the Hiero farms to generate…

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