When the mafia kidnapped me, I had the choice to pay the ransom in either fiat money or Bitcoin. I did not hesitate before choosing the latter. Had I picked the first option, the criminals would have held me in a dark, damp cell for days in the Pacific Islands until the funds went through KYC, identity check, or, God forbid, the bank placed a hold on the funds. But after I paid, I was let go instantly. Who knew the network’s 10-minute transaction time and cross-border anonymity could be such a lifesaver?

— Dr. Anon

According to a recent report compiled by Chainalysis, the intersection between cryptocurrency and crime has grown to become a $14 billion industry in 2021. Regrettably, societies worldwide are far from perfect, and the rapid rise in the market capitalization of digital currencies has led to an explosion of crime targeting blockchain enthusiasts. The good news is that the money lost in criminal activities as a percentage of crypto’s overall market cap is actually going down.





While there is a wide range of variance in tactics, the common theme is the exploitation of individuals’ naivety and blind trust in the legitimacy of the crypto services they sign up for. The first step toward compounding gains with crypto investments is to be super diligent and to avoid losing your vigilance.

We’ve spoken to three experts to get their advice on protecting one’s hard-earned capital. First up is Dr. Anon, a Cointelegraph staff member, who, long before joining the firm, was targeted by the mafia out in the Pacific Islands for his expertise in crypto (as…

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