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  • Helium will launch new MOBILE and IOT tokens as it expands its crypto-powered wireless network.
  • The token-incentivized network may also expand to include additional decentralized protocols.

Helium’s novel concept—standing up a wireless network for sensors and trackers that is powered by token-rewarded node operators—has earned significant support. Nova Labs, the recently-renamed startup that represents Helium’s founders, announced today that the network will launch new crypto tokens tied to individual networks.

The shift to a new model comes as Helium attempts to expand its offerings with 5G connectivity and more.

The existing HNT token will continue to exist and serve as something of a “reserve currency” or “floor currency” for the expanding Helium ecosystem, Nova Labs CEO and co-founder Amir Haleem told Decrypt.

Meanwhile, Helium will first launch a new MOBILE crypto token this month, which will reward people who operate a 5G node and contribute coverage to Helium’s latest network.

Early adopters who run 5G nodes—there are about 5,000 of them, Haleem estimated—are not currently being rewarded for providing coverage for devices like phones and laptops. That will change once the MOBILE token is live, ahead of Helium’s plans to rapidly scale the 5G network as hardware partners like FreedomFi seek to lower prices for the nodes.

In August, the network plans to launch a new IOT token that node operators will earn for the original LoRaWAN network designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, like sensors and trackers. The network now has

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