The funds from Harmony’s Horizon Bridge have begun to move into the Tornado Cash Ethererum mixer, signaling that the attacker has no intention of accepting the $1 million bounty offered.

The decision to obfuscate the ill-gotten gains answers questions about whether the Harmony team’s offer of just 1% of the $100 million in crypto funds stolen on June 24 would be enough to convince the exploiter to return them.

A total of 18,036.3 ETH worth about $21 million was moved out of the Horizon Bridge exploiter’s primary wallet at 03:10 am ET on June 28. These funds were then divided equally three ways and sent to three different addresses in single transactions respectively, over the next 10 hours.

Tornado Cash supports mixing a maximum of 100 ETH at a time, which means large sums can easily take several hours to mix. Mixing ETH is a privacy measure designed to obfuscate the transaction path of coins so they cannot be traced back to previous transactions.

The first and second wallets that received ETH from the exploiter’s primary wallet have completed mixing the coins and are now left with about 16.3 ETH collectively, an amount likely too small to bother with.

The third wallet was busy sending batches of 100 ETH to Tornado in eight-minute intervals and still had 2,800 coins remaining as of the time of writing.

Cointelegraph has not received a reply from the Harmony team on what…

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