Just in time for Christmas, Earth 2 has launched its new gifting feature, allowing players the ability to send ownership of unique virtual land tiles of any geolocation on earth.  Virtual land on Earth 2 directly corresponds to exact locations in the real world making each piece of land, including the sole ownership of that land, completely unique.

What does gifting bring to Earth 2?

The gifting feature will not only make it easier for the welcoming of new players into community driven land projects, such as MegaCities, but also serves as an interesting and different type of gift experience which provides the recipient with direct ownership of land at the starting point of Earth 2’s metaverse, the largest virtual land registry in the world in both size and diversified ownership.

Earth 2 predicts the metaverse to be a constantly growing and evolving concept, much like the Internet, and with this ongoing expansion, the number of possible use cases and functions for virtual land inside the metaverse will continue to grow.

“Empowering players with more agency over the utility of their land, beyond trading, is a natural progression towards the futuristic, player-driven metaverse envisioned by Earth 2”, said Earth 2 Founder, Shane Isaac.  “Irrelevant of the occasion, virtual land makes for a very different, interesting and unique gift, on so many levels.”

Players of Earth 2 have already begun discovering such versatility, with one player taking advantage of the new feature, in his own unique way, to create a virtual memento of the exact location where his…

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