Crypto exchange Gemini has gained a reputation for its ethos of prioritizing compliance and security over listing the latest memecoins. 

This focus starts at the top. Chief Operating Officer Noah Perlman previously worked as Morgan Stanley’s global head of financial crimes and as division counsel for the Drug Enforcement Administration. He shared his views on cryptocurrency exchanges, NFTs, Bitcoin, and stablecoins in an interview with Decrypt at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami on Friday.

When asked about what makes Gemini different from other exchanges, Perlman had a simple response.

“At Gemini,” he said, “we’re very focused—as we always have been—on security, regulation, compliance. So our customers are people who put a premium on this.”

Gemini has a rigorous process for listing assets that includes code audits and security analysis, and Gemini is actively regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

“We’ve never had to delist an asset,” Perlman added. 

Gemini’s focus on compliance is a top-down initiative that really began with co-founders and CEOs Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

“Tyler and Cameron’s vision that compliance really could be a competitive advantage [is] a distinguishing feature in this market,” Perlman said. And to Gemini, regulation is a good thing…

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