Just days after OpenDAO airdropped SOS tokens to OpenSea users on Christmas Eve, the next surprise holiday airdrop is here. 

The Gas DAO, an obscure, mostly mission-less crypto project, emerged Wednesday with another airdrop to reward crypto investors. You can claim GAS tokens if you spent more than $1,559 (a reference to EIP-1559) on Ethereum gas fees before December 26, 2021. 

Those who coughed up enough fees to earn 1 billion GAS tokens will reportedly be able to make proposals in the yet-to-launch decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Others who can claim at least 1.78 million tokens will earn a “gas-holder” moniker in the project’s Discord, according to marketing materials

These same documents also indicate that 55% of the total 1 trillion supply (550 billion tokens) have been earmarked for this airdrop. 

At the current volatile price of GAS, that comes out to a whopping $9,1575,000 doled out to anyone bold enough to claim the airdrop. Any amounts unclaimed before May 1, 2022, will be added to the DAO’s treasury. 

Another 15% of the supply (150 billion tokens) is reserved for the 25-person developer team. 

Of that stash, 80% (120 billion tokens) will vest linearly over six months. The remaining 20% (30 billion tokens) is unlocked immediately.   

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