Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel—also known as Carol Danvers—is facing backlash after she shared a tweet showing off her NFT collection in a virtual gallery.

“Welcome to my lil corner of the some place metaverse. Can’t wait to welcome you all in soon,” Larson tweeted

The tweet portrays a selection of Larson’s favorite NFTs, which includes one from the Ethereum NFT collection The Flower Girls. Earlier this month, children’s film and TV company Dolphin Entertainment partnered with The Flower Girls to produce scripted and unscripted TV series, books, music, and more.  

Other NFTs visible in the clip Larson shared include NFTs from The Rebels, Women and Weapons, 1989 Sisters, and CryptoVenus collections.

The some place metaverse—which is where Larson’s digital avatar exists in—is described as a mobile metaverse that is “founded by women entrepreneurs,” and that “insists on breaking down barriers to build a more equitable digital experience for all.”

In the some place metaverse, users effectively mint their own “personal space” to use—much like how Larson is using her “lil corner” of the platform to host her NFTs and go for coffee. 

Brie’s tweet did not go down well, however, with an array of negative comments streaming in under Larson’s post. 

“Please no,” one user posted, with another commenting “NFT profile picture, and now this?” with an added GIF that read “you’re going down a path I can’t follow.” 

Another response—which has almost received 1,000 likes—says “Brie, you can get coffee in real…

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