Major software cryptocurrency wallet Exodus has gone public on the digital asset securities firm Securitize Markets following a $75 million crowdfund capital raise.

Exodus’ shares started trading on Securitize on Wednesday, allowing investors from all across the United States and international investors from more than 40 countries to trade the Exodus Class A common stock.

Trading under the ticker symbol EXOD, the Exodus Class A common stock is digitally represented on the Algorand blockchain via common stock tokens.

According to a spokesperson for Exodus, Securitize Markets is the second trading venue to list Exodus shares after launching on tZero in September 2021. The new listing on Securitize enables the firm to onboard new retail investors and raise funds, Exodus CEO and co-founder JP Richardson said:

“Securitize’s platform enabled us to onboard over 6,800 mostly retail investors and raise $75 million. Now, with the trading of Exodus shares on their platform, it’s all under one roof. We are very excited about the increased ability to trade our shares.”

As previously reported, Exodus raised $75 million via a mini initial public offering sale approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in May 2021. The SEC previously registered the Securitize…

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