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Sand Token Reward

Are you ready to explore the wonder that awaits when purchasing SAND tokens? The SAND token, ERC20, is the currency for The Sandbox. The Sandbox, a booming virtual metaverse, allows you to build, own and monetize your own gaming experience.

Now through January 31st, 2022, new users to Uphold who join and subsequently purchase 10 SAND tokens will be rewarded with 10 more! Your account will receive an additional 10 SAND tokens, for a total of 20 tokens. In order to redeem this exclusive reward, you must be a new US customer and do the following. Begin by creating a new account with Uphold

Exclusive: Uphold Launches Sand Token Rewards 1

Verify your account

Purchase 10 SAND tokens

Uphold will add an additional 10 SAND tokens to your account for free!

How Uphold’s Promotion Benefits You

This exclusive reward promotion is a limited offer that will increase your ability to access The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox is community-driven. Not only are creators able to design their own virtual worlds, but they can also monetize assets alongside their invited guests. This allows for unique gaming experiences on the blockchain.

So why is SAND so important? The answer is simple. SAND is necessary for all interactions and transactions. The virtual gaming world is decentralized and SAND facilitates all of the activities. Furthermore, with the SAND token, participants can demand authority in governance because SAND is the currency for governance.

Not only does the software used in Sandbox utilize and leverage Ethereum’s blockchain, but it also tracks NFT assets and digital…

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