The European Commission will require tech platforms like TikTok, X and Facebook to detect artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content to safeguard upcoming European elections from misinformation.

The commission has initiated a public consultation on proposed election security guidelines for very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs). The recommendations aim to reduce democratic threats posed by generative AI and deepfakes.

The draft guidelines offer examples of possible measures to address election-related risks, including specific actions related to generative AI content, planning for risk mitigation before or after an electoral event, and providing clear guidance for European Parliament elections.

Generative AI can mislead voters or manipulate electoral processes by creating and disseminating inauthentic, misleading synthetic content regarding political actors, false depiction of events, election polls, contexts or narratives.

Currently open for public consultation in the European Union until March 7, the draft election security guidelines recommend alerting users on relevant platforms to potential inaccuracies in content produced by generative AI.

According to the draft, the guidelines also…

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