Ethereum investors who staked millions of dollars worth of Ether (ETH) tokens to become validators on its soon-to-launch proof-of-stake (PoS) network are now facing heavy paper losses.

Ether spot traders outperform stakers by 36.5%

In detail, investors have locked a little over 13 million ETH into the so-called Ethereum 2.0 smart contract since it went live in December 2020. However, there is no date when these investors can redeem their tokens alongside the 10% yield.

Interestingly, around 62% of Ether tokens were deposited before the price peaked at around $4,930 in November 2021. Meanwhile, the other 38% were deposited after the record high, according to Glassnode’s latest report.

Ethereum 2.0 total value staked. Source: Glassnode

As a result, the total value locked inside the Ethereum 2.0 smart contract peaked at $39.7 billion in November 2021, led by 263,918 network validators. But now, the value has dropped to $14.85 billion as of July 7, despite an additional inflow of 5 million ETH in the last eight months.

Ethereum 2.0 stakers deposited ETH to the network’s PoS contract at an average price of $2,390. So, ETH stakers are now holding an average loss of 55% as a result of ETH’s 75% crash since November 2021, Glassnode noted.

Excerpts from its report:

“If we compare this to the Realized Price for the entire ETH supply, 2.0 stakers are currently shouldering 36.5% larger losses compared to the general Ethereum market.”

ETH 2.0 total value staked realized price versus market price. Source: Glassnode

Possible bullish and bearish scenarios

Ether’s bear market has also affected…

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