● Free to all developers

● Use Equeum’s proprietary language to predict Bitcoin price trend

● Awards totalling $35,000

December 6, 2021 – Equeum, a fintech startup, today announced its first Crypto challenge, with 100 awards of $250 each and 400 awards of $25 each. There is no charge for developers to enter the Challenge. Equeum has developed the world’s first decentralized creator economy platform for crypto, where top data scientists, quants, and coders compete to create crypto investment resources.

Developers create prediction models using EQL (Equeum Query Language), a high-level language that streamlines the development process. “As with blockchain itself, decentralization of development is transformative”, said Mark Nelson, Equeum Founder and CEO. “Creator economies are intrinsically decentralized…and explosively powerful.

On the Roblox creator platform, for example, 10M+ developers drive billions in revenue, and collectively draw an astounding $500M. We believe Equeum will be of similar or greater scale.” The Equeum platform is powered by:

● EQL (Equeum Query Language)

● A proprietary, quant-based time-series engine

● A library of advanced developer resources

Decentralization: a Radical Transformation

What makes decentralization vital to the crypto space is that it makes it possible to source virtually all relevant crypto data, including on/off-blockchain, sentiment, centralized and decentralized exchange, news, liquidity, reference rates, etc.

“As with open-source, it is a matter of scale”, said Nelson.. “There are tens of…

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