Last year, the NFT space exploded, and the world was enthralled by what Non-Fungible Tokens are and what they can do. Today, there are so many NFT marketplaces. Newbies remain confused about which marketplaces do what and which ones suit them best.

The truth is NFT marketplaces aren’t going away. There will be an even bigger explosion of the NFT space as greater adoption of web3 technologies continues. Here are some of the NFT marketplaces we think will rule 2022 and beyond.

Plus, we share our thoughts on what we think each marketplace needs to do to improve. Talk about choices!



2021 Was a Fantastic Year For NFT Marketplaces

Last year, we published a review of NFT marketplaces and our thoughts. Since then, we saw a slight improvement in some of the marketplaces we reviewed but, there are still many issues that need handling.

The first of these issues has to do with the approval process for verification in most of these marketplaces. The verification process hasn’t changed much. It frustrates a lot of creators who want to verify their accounts.

Verification adds value to creator accounts. It shows that the creator is trusted. Of course, it increases the value of NFTs sold on such platforms. Most NFT platforms still function on the “exclusive” access paradigm, which has destroyed what they could have been. If they made the verification process easy for genuine creators.

Another issue that plagues the NFT space is intellectual theft. Thieves steal ideas and pose with them as original ideas. The issue is thorny. Intellectual theft is one problem that has made a…

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