The leading layer-2 DeFi lending protocol, EasyFi Network has launched its #BuildWithEasyFi initiative to encourage the developer community to leverage various benefits offered by the EasyFi ecosystem. As a part of the initiative, EasyFi has announced a Developer’s Fund and Grants program where promising projects and individuals can gain access to the capital necessary to build their products, in turn contributing to the growth of the EasyFi Network.

According to the company, the Developer’s Fund has been in the works as part of its roadmap for the year 2021. The fund will encourage open infrastructure development, offering the developer community access to EasyFi’ s resources with the intention of accelerating the overall growth of the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Applications are now open for entry into the EasyFi Developer’s Fund and Grants program.

The Idea Behind EasyFi Developer’s Fund and Grants

EasyFi Network is on a mission to promote the underlying principles of DeFi – Composability and Decentralization. While the blockchain protocols offer adequate levels of decentralization, the only way to drive composability in the ecosystem is to encourage community participation by providing adequate support. The EasyFi Developer’s Fund and Grants program acts as a lucrative support structure.

The program focuses on targeted resource allocation to ensure the worthy projects get the necessary tools and resources to develop full-fledged DeFi products. As a part of the initiative, independent projects and groups will be able to collaborate with the EasyFI Network and access various features it offers, which can be readily implemented. To further the applications of EasyFi Network alongside the development of the DeFi ecosystem, EasyFi has shortlisted a set of focus areas for the Developer’s Fund and Grants program.

These areas of focus include a mobile-first approach for staking, farming, and lending involving EasyFi pools; automation solutions; dashboards and analytics for EasyFi lending, liquidation etc; use cases for the EasyFi’ s native EZ tokens; cross-chain bridges and infrastructure; third party interfaces for accessing EasyFi lending, staking, and farming pools; and native cross-chain dApps leveraging EasyFi lending pools.

With a vision that leads us to become a DAO eventually, the overarching theme of the protocol has always remained focussed on building open lending infrastructures. We believe that a collaborative approach with a community of believers, will drive the growth & direction of the network. We are very excited to get involved with some very talented people who are planning to work on & integrate the EasyFi lending to create products and applications that extend & grow the protocol.”

— Ankitt Gaur, Founder and CEO of EasyFi Network

Apply for the EasyFi Network Developer’s Fund

With applications open for the program, interested individuals, teams and projects can submit their entry by filling a simple form. They will have to give details about their project, teams along with their contact info, GitHub link for the project and more. Once the application is submitted, the EasyFi team will review them and shortlist the entries that meet the required criteria. They will communicate with the selected applicants detailing further steps.

Apply here:


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