Decentralized NFTs to Life Without Creating Fashion Waste

The Interactive Partnership Will Include an Event in Decentraland, Contest, and Whole M.T.A. Collection on DRESSX.

LOS ANGELES, — DRESSX and Kollectiff partner up to create limited edition Metahelmets as part of The M.T.A. (Metaverse Travel Agency).

DRESSX is providing a unique utility for the owners of the Metahelmets to wear the items via Augmented Reality (AR). The link to the first Metahelmet on DRESSX can be found here:

“This partnership with Kollectiff is exciting because it provides an experience in addition to the Metahelmet accessories,” says Daria Shapovalova, DRESSX CEO and co-founder. “If we were creating tangible, physical Metahelmets for users to wear to enter the world via AR, there would be a lot of raw materials waste. The metaverse provides the opportunity to create something without that same barrier to entry, in a fraction of the time. It also allows us to reach more people and open this experience to a wider audience.”

A year after its launch, DRESSX became the world’s largest digital fashion store targeting Gen Z and Millennials who demand a new shopping solution – digital, sustainable, and affordable. People who purchase the M.T.A. Metahelmet can create an unlimited number of videos and photos wearing their Metahelmets in the DRESSX App.

“Metaverse is being developed fast, but there is still a way to go, that’s why bridging irl and meta experiences is the most relevant utility and we at DRESSX provide it through augmented…

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