This morning, the cryptocurrency market saw a significant headline that caused Dogecoin’s price action to drop. The Indian Central Bank came out with firm rejection against adopting cryptocurrencies in the country. There was an announcement from India’s Central Bank (RBI) calling cryptocurrencies “a tool which will wreak havoc on our economy.”

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The Price of Dogecoin Increased Temporarily

Dogecoin’s price action is not in a sweet spot. In just five minutes, comments trashed the planned bull target for next week at $0.1357. As a result, Dogecoin (DOGE) dipped back to its opening level and took another step away from where it had been before. 

The price of Dogecoin went down when the news came out. A trend line and an intermediary top-line stopped the bulls from taking the price higher. So instead, the price went back to where it started and looked like it would fall more. A possible target for the price going down is $0.1137 and $0.1100.

Investors may be slow to react, but if they buy the dip, it could increase the price by $0.1197 to the upside. This would open the door towards $0.1242 intraday and possibly again on track for $0.1357.

The US session has only just begun, so economic recovery is time. Maybe even some good news on taxes or regulations before traders move onto other things – providing markets with support at both $0.1197 and psychological levels like barbette above them where buyers seem confident again.

DOGE Chart
DOGE started the day with a decline as India plans…

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