NEW YORK, — The DogeBonk development team has launched a new platform for listing and finding new MemeCoins, similar to sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This new platform focuses solely on smaller, community-driven projects.

DogeBonk Announces the Launch of MemeTools, a New MemeCoin Listing Tool 1

In the crypto world of small-cap MemeCoins and micro cap coins, communities spend their early stages of development fighting for exposure with thousands of competitors. MemeTools, the first official utility of the DogeBonk cryptocurrency, offers a MemeCoin launchpad platform for these smaller communities to gain recognition.

The listing site currently delivers real-time data pulled from the blockchain to show price, volume, liquidity, and more. In exchange for listing, the new project must burn $DOBO, which is DogeBonk’s deflationary community token.

The DogeBonk community is an exponentially growing swarm of mostly anonymous growth marketers, designers, and content creators, self-organizing into what is essentially a worldwide marketing/PR agency.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be involved. The creativity is off the charts and the rallying cry of: “WE ARE THE MARKETING TEAM” is increasing in volume.

MemeTools allows small-cap coins to tap into this well of spontaneous creativity and distinguish themselves from the crowd.

After launching their memecoin into the stratosphere, beating Elon Musk’s plans to make dogecoin the first memecoin in space, the DogeBonk Team continue to expand their community.

They have created a Telegram channel to provide a “free space” for new crypto communities to come and promote their coins….

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