Dfinity Foundation is boosting its developer ecosystem with a $215 million grant. This is to help further the development of decentralized applications (DApps) on the Internet Computer blockchain. Over 115 teams have benefitted from this grant and more are expected to do so as time goes by.

NewsBTC sat down with Lomesh Dutta, Vice President of Growth at Dfinity Foundation, to talk about the Internet Computer Developer Ecosystem Program, how it’s distributed, and the impact it has had on the blockchain since inception.

NewsBTC: Why was the Developer Ecosystem Program set up?

Lomesh Dutta: The CHF 200m ($215m) Internet Computer Developer Ecosystem Program is a resource that helps developers finance the building of decentralized apps (dapps), tooling, and infrastructure on the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer is the world’s first blockchain that runs at web speed and can scale without bound. These capabilities empower developers to design new applications and tooling without being hindered by proprietary infrastructure or the limitations of conventional blockchains. The ecosystem program is designed for entrepreneurs, developer teams, and community members, supporting the growth of a new ecosystem of dapps and services on the open, decentralized web.

NewsBTC: So far, only $2m out of the $215m grant program has been handed out. Are there plans to ramp up this figure?

Lomesh Dutta: The developer grants program is a subset of the overall ecosystem program. For instance, to supercharge gaming on the Internet Computer we just announced Achievement Unblocked — a…

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