By L.J Brock, Chief People Officer

Overnight I saw the note from Brian Chesky announcing to Airbnb employees that they would be moving to a permanent remote-working model. I applaud Brian and his team. While it may sound simple in a post-pandemic era, the logistics can be anything but. I am ecstatic to see them join the growing ranks of remote-first companies because more people, more ideas, and more experiments will make remote work better for everyone. Redesigning the nature of work, is work that should not be done in isolation (no pun intended).

When we went remote-first in May 2020 we were not shy to admit that we did not have all the answers, and while we still don’t, there have been some important learnings along the way. As Airbnb starts off on their journey and in our crypto-mindset of being transparent and open source, here are some of our key learnings from operating a remote-first company over the last two years…

Flex on location, consistent on experience

One of the most obvious benefits that drew us to remote-first was the ability to give our people the flexibility to choose where they live and work, while also giving Coinbase access to a much broader talent market. What followed was that we needed to put the practices in place to protect those employee choices and ensure that you are neither privileged or punished for your choice. It’s one thing to say ‘you can choose to work from the office if you prefer’ and another to say ‘you will receive the same opportunities and experience regardless of where you chose to work’.

Some of the practices we’ve…

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