CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA, — Cunning Wolf Society, one of the hottest upcoming NFT projects, is set out to take the market by storm. What makes this project stand out amongst other projects is the focus the team behind it puts on its community and the utility they plan to bring to its members. Let’s dive right in.

Cunning Wolf Society: The New NFT Sensation to Launch this January 1

Enthralling story and design

The Cunning Wolves, the members of the Society, are direct descendants of Geri and Freki, Odin’s beloved wolf guards. When the Vikings lost their last battle in 1066, Odin was dethroned by the newer gods, so the 2 wolves had to make sure to leave descendants behind so that their species may survive. Their children are the founding fathers of the Cunning Wolf Society. Essentially, by owning a Cunning Wolf NFT and realising that that is your identity, you’ll become a demigod in the Metaverse.

The first thing you’ll notice on their website is how beautifully crafted their art is, from the Wolves themselves, to the Space Yacht, the Wolves’ home. The colours and theme transport you to a Universe full of adventure and high aspirations. The attention to detail in this project is virtually unmatched in the NFT space – this is just one of the reasons it stands out.

Real utility

Unlike most of the projects that promise endless utility or only offer cash prizes and expensive cars (i.e. Lambos), this one has massive plans to reward the community for being engaged and believing in the vision of the creators.

The Cunning Wolf Society NFT launch is just the first step (or the first pillar, as the team calls it) of the master plan….

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