NEW YORK, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cryptoplanex, a digital assets trading platform, announces the launch of its business, December 10, 2021. As a unique and innovative platform, Cryptoplanex provides traders and customers alike a new, exciting, and effective way to trade digital assets, tokens, Bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs.

Cryptoplanex merges the best digital assets with specialty markets and products by collaborating and providing its customers with the opportunity to bring their products to their unique platform for tokenization. Clients get the best digital assets, tokenized specialty markets and products in one account from asset integration, enhanced account security, and a single cross-platform login.

The platform provides users with a more diverse experience and product, providing a diverse and innovative digital asset and blockchain experience. Moreover, it is a brand-new exploration for the digital asset and blockchain space backed by proprietary technology and expertise in operating a top-tier digital asset exchange with enhanced security. Users digitize their legacy markets in personal protection equipment (PPE) products, sustainable green/renewable projects, fine art, precious stones, biofuels, commercial tires/wheels, real estate, other markets, and cryptocurrencies. Through tokenization, the digitization of legacy markets provides incredible opportunities, price transparencies, and faster transactional effectiveness.

Cryptoplanex fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space providing reliable, unpredictable, and verifiable random…

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