When a respected member of Crypto Twitter and the Deadfellas nonfungible token (NFT) community detailed the immense financial burden of his cancer treatment, the crypto community demonstrated its kindness and generosity by donating over $73,000 in funds.

Yopi, known as Kuiyopi on Twitter, joined the crypto ecosystem in July 2021. He discovered that crypto served as a welcome distraction to his health concerns and even provided moments of joy and entertainment during his six-month chemotherapy schedule. 

Throughout this time, he enjoyed the content of crypto personalities such as Cobie, opened up on his attempts to learn Spanish, and reveled in the meme culture while always sharing empathetic messages, condolences and visions to support fellow cancer sufferers within the community — even in a space where the identities of users are largely anonymous.

However, he received some heartbreaking news on Wednesday. Doctors from the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces Military Hospital conducted an MRI scan on his right hip and uncovered “infiltrative damage to the medullary bone of the upper and middle third of the right femoral diaphysis in connection with a recurrence.”

In simpler and more poignant words, his cancer had returned.

According to Yopi, the doctors stated that he required stem cell transplant therapy. Usually, in this circumstance, the primary treatment would be chemotherapy, but having been administered a course of that previously, it was no longer a viable option.

On top of that, the estimated insurance costs totaled $50,000, a sum that a self-described…

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