This morning, the crypto market registered gains, with most top 10 cryptocurrencies registering positive numbers over the past 24 hours.

In a move to support Ukraine Apple has joined other major tech firms in Boycotting Russia. As a result, customers living there can no longer buy any of their products or make purchases via app store– including iPhones.

The markets were in turmoil yesterday as fighting between Russia and Ukraine continued.

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The markets will be watching closely today as Chairperson of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell gives his bi-annual monetary policy update to Congress. The future trajectory for interest rates has been uncertain following recent events. Still, investor expectations may change soon enough, thanks in large part due to an upcoming report from ADP Non-Farm Employment Change.

Top Cryptocurrencies Performance

Bitcoin is up 1%, trading at $44,000. Ethereum’s value has also improved slightly – it was trading around 2% higher than before mid-day hours today. Cardano ranks ninth in terms of market cap right now but may fall outside the top 10 by tomorrow if its performance continues like recent days have shown us will happen.

The leading cryptocurrency, Terra, continues its surge towards success. It has now climbed to #7 by market cap and is displaying impressive gains of 63%. Over the past week, a price spike in LUNA tokens made it the second-largest staked asset among all currencies passing Ethereum.

Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin is trading 1% down after touching its…

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