There’s been a sharp decline in interest for the “metaverse” keyword in Google search. However, while the hype may be waning, it seems that companies are still very keen on dipping their toes into the virtual world.

In March alone, companies have either launched or revealed plans to build metaverse offices that would be used for online meetings with international clients, internal innovation hubs and enhancing social communication with users.

While we may be witnessing its earlier versions, metaverse offices seem like a sneak peek into the future of work. With this, let’s take a look at some companies that have recently entered the metaverse.

Events firm Atom sets up a metaverse office

Atom, an events firm based in Mumbai, has recently set up its metaverse office. The firm purchased digital space in Decentraland, and it’s planning to use the virtual office as a new way to reach out to its international clients. The company also plans to use it for future metaverse events.

Yash Kulshreshtha, the creative head for Atom, said in an interview that the move aims to expand the company’s global operations and cater to younger generations. “The young generation growing up today will find it completely natural,” said Kulshreshtha.

KuCoin exchange launched KuCoin Meta Office

Digital asset exchange KuCoin has launched an office based on the Bloktopia Digital Space. In a press release, the trading platform revealed its KuCoin Meta Office. The office aims to provide an immersive metaverse experience to its visitors as well as access to interactive social…

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