Delegates at the Binance Blockchain Week talked about their Web3 stories and the growth of Web3 opportunities within their local communities.

The recent conference brought crypto community members from all over the world to share their passions, meet like-minded people, learn from keynote speeches by community leaders, and share their perspectives on the state of Web3. 

One of the topics people showed interest in was the growing demand for Web3 talent. As the internet is evolving from Web2 into Web3, reports show that the demand for talent within the Web3 space is rapidly increasing and there are lots of opportunities popping up within the industry.

While statistics are very important, insights directly from the people who are witnessing the transformation of the industry are just as crucial. 

Bringing “endless” opportunities to Indonesia 

Joko Crypto, a masked crypto crusader from Indonesia, shared his insights about what Web3 is currently doing to his country. According to Joko, people are very excited about Web3 and that opportunities in the space are “always lingering.” 

“In a country like Indonesia, […], the excitement of Web3 job opportunities are always lingering. From being a play-to-earn ‘freelancer’ to becoming a paid admin for Telegram, the opportunities are endless.” 

The anonymous crypto evangelist also believes that the same thing is happening globally. Meanwhile, Yoseph Soenggoro, a Web3 developer from Indonesia, agrees with the masked crusader. According to Soenggoro, “it’s definitely a $1 trillion opportunity for our…

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